Many home and business owners never give their plumbing system a second thought. that is until they lose water pressure, notice the loose tile in the bathroom with mold underneath, an unexplained puddle in the yard, a larger than normal water bill, or warm areas on the wood flooring. That is when they call their insurance company.

Locating the Intrusive Water Leak

Locating a water leak shouldn’t involve hit and miss digging, tearing into walls, or complex excavation. Todays water leak detection equipment is state of the art. The Leak Doctor provides fast and non-invasive leak detection and repair services for insurance companies throughout Central Florida, Brevard county, and Atlanta Georgia. Our experienced technicians use advanced technology to quickly identify the source of your leak. As licensed plumbers, we have the training, skills, and tools needed to repair your leak on the spot.

Ultrasound: Our technicians are trained to utilize the most advanced digital ultrasonic inspection system. Leak Doctor’s sensitive ultrasound devices can “listen” at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing. To our instruments, even the tiniest leak makes a traceable noise.

Endoscopic Video: Our video inspection equipment allows us to see inside your plumbing system to detect unexplained blockages and cracks in plumbing, which are the most common sources of leaks. While other plumbers may resort to tearing out sections of your home’s walls, we can pinpoint these blockages and cracks from the surface to prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

Thermography: We utilize state-of-the-art thermography, which is similar to a color infrared photograph. With it, we can identify tiny temperature differences that can lead us to leaks.

The Leak Doctor strives for quality performance with electronically generated reports, clearly written with all the details, available within 24 hours. Photographs taken before and after for documentation and communication with the adjuster while on the job site about the findings.

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