Here are a few frequently asked questions we receive from insurance company professionals and claim adjusters. Feel free to contact the Leak Doctor if you have additional questions or if we can help keep claims costs under control.

How can the Leak Doctor help?2019-04-05T14:30:31-04:00

The Leak Doctor can provide your field team additional support to quickly and accurately find the true source of the water leak.

We minimize the tear-out by providing expert sensible repairs for supply line leaks with focus on minimal property damage.

What is the difference between Leak Doctor and a plumbing company?2019-04-05T14:30:01-04:00

A quality leak detection company has made the investment into tens of thousands of dollars for technician training and specialized equipment to locate a variety of leaks in different situations.  Our goal is to identify the exact source of the water damage.

What is the Leak Doctor’s response time?2019-04-05T14:29:16-04:00

We provide faster detection for your protection with an on-call technician and an answering service to ensure there is always someone on duty to support your customer’s emergency situation.

Can you service customers outside of Florida? 2019-04-05T14:28:29-04:00

YES, currently we have a team located in Atlanta, GA and we will be continuously adding new locations in the future.  It is our goal to grow with your company to ensure your customers are taken care of properly.

Do you guarantee your work?2019-04-05T14:27:30-04:00

At the Leak Doctor, our philosophy is Find It, Fix It, and Report It! When we locate the source of the water leak, we will fix it to prevent further damage. Then we send you a detailed report of our findings. We guarantee to minimize tear-outs and put-back costs.

What are the benefits of working with the Leak Doctor?2019-04-05T14:26:37-04:00

Insurance professionals are partnering with the Leak Doctor because we have made the process easy. We communicate our findings with the adjuster while on the job site, reporting of critical data in a user-friendly format, photographs of loss for documentation before and after, clearly written and detailed reports, ability to view from PCs, tablets, smart phones within 24 hours or same day as the service call, emergency service is available to help minimize damage, and we ensure customer satisfaction.

How does your process work?2019-04-05T14:35:10-04:00

Your leak will be located using a number of electronic leak detectors. Leak Doctor uses cutting edge technology combining equipment and techniques developed in-house with and the best training available. Equally important is the experience of our technicians. Our technicians receive continuous hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training facility.

How can I determine if a leak is inside or outside my clients property?2019-04-05T14:57:23-04:00

Turn the shut-off to the house to the off position. If the meter stopped spinning, this is an indication that the leak is inside the home. If the meter continued to spin, this indicates that the leak is outside the home.

If my client can see water coming up through the slab or wall; why do I need leak detection?2019-04-05T14:58:41-04:00

When water pipes leak, water will travel the path of least resistance and could end up surfacing many yards away.

Why should I call the Leak Doctor?2019-04-05T15:00:07-04:00

The Leak Doctor can locate a water leak and minimize the damage to a home or building. Having a specialist pinpointing the problem before excavation can save a lot of money. The cost of pursuing a leak with a jackhammer or sledgehammer without our help far outweighs Leak Doctor’s fee for locating the problem.

How is the water Leak going to be located?2019-04-05T15:01:16-04:00

The Leak Doctor provides fast and efficient non-invasive leak detection and repair services. Our experienced technicians use advanced technology to quickly identify the source of your leak. As licensed plumbers, we have the training, skills, and tools needed to repair your leak on the spot.