Why are my water pipes leaking? It’s a question many Central Florida and Atlanta area insurance adjusters are asked.

Water leaks can cause extensive damage, waste water, and encourage mold growth. Since most of the plumbing system is behind walls and under the ground, Which can make locating a water leak difficult. But the Leak Doctor’s advanced technology can find any plumbing leak, to save the insurance company and homeowner time and money!

What makes those pipe leak anyway?

Broken Seals

When the appliances were installed seals should have been put around the water connectors. These seals go through a lot of wear and tear, and eventually break down, which causes water leaks.

Clogged Lines

More than an inconvenience, clogged pipes can lead to serious problems, cracks and burst.


Aging water pipes have become a big issue in the last decades. Corrosion is causing them to rust, creating pinhole leaks in places you would have never had thought.  It can also contaminate the water.

Damaged Pipe Joints

The weakest part of a pipe is the joint, where the pipes connect together. Unfortunately, they are typically behind walls or under concrete slabs. The sound of pipes shaking or banging when you turn on the water can indicate a problem.

High Water Pressure

While extreme water pressure may feel great, it can wreck havoc on water pipes. Just a little adjustment can go a long way in protecting the plumbing system.

Encroaching Tree Root

Roots are constantly seeking out water and they can go to great extreme to find it, even breaking into water pipes. Some homeowners have noticed a drop in water pressure or wet patches of grass in the yard.

Extreme Temperature Changes

When it is almost freezing during the night and heats back up during the day make water pipes expand and contract, which causes them to crack and leak.

Since 1993 the Leak Doctor has established a gold standard in leak detection and water management for both residential and commercial properties. Working with insurance companies to identify the source of a leak before water damage cost you extensive loss of time, property and money.

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