Non-invasive water leak detection is the easiest way to locate a plumbing issue without causing damage to the property. Plumbing leaks can occur anywhere inside and even outside your home. While many home and business owners think a water leak is easy to spot, but that typically isn’t the case. In fact, water leaks are best at hiding between walls, behind sinks, under concrete slabs, and beneath trees in the yard. 

They can go weeks and even months without anyone realizing and that is when the damages happen. Rotting wood, weakening the integrity of the building, mold and mildew start to grow, causing a host of health issues. 

The most advanced non-invasive water leak detection technology, techniques, and experienced technicians is what allows the Leak Doctor to accurately locate the smallest of plumbing leaks.

Our expert leak detectors will be able to quickly pinpoint and identify the source of the leak to ensure the most effective way to repair the leak.

The Leak Doctor specializes in working with insurance companies, we establish relationships with the adjuster, speak their language, process and deliver accurate claims.  Our state of the art technology enables us to locate the leak and quickly resolve the issue, with the least amount of disruption to the home or business owner and their guests.

The benefits of working with the Leak Doctor Insurance include, communicate findings with adjuster while at the job site, reporting of critical data in a user-friendly format, electronic format for easy storage, photographs of loss for documentation before and after, clearly written and detailed reports, ability to view from PCs, tablets, smart phones, and we ensure customer satisfaction.

The Leak Doctor has worked with insurance adjusters to detecting water leaks in: residential homes, schools, condominiums, hotels, swimming pools, office/industrial and manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, golf courses, and utility providers.