The Leak Doctor has partnered with insurance companies in the Orlando and Atlanta areas for decades, detecting the most difficult water leaks under concrete slab foundations, under the ground, behind walls, and anywhere else imaginable. We understand the insurance industry, our professional technicians inspect the property, detect any water leaks, and itemize the repairs, all in a timely manner.

We quickly locate the source of a water leak and offer the best solution to resolve the issue

The fact is, just because the homeowner just noticed the water stain on the bathroom wall, or the hardwood floor buckling, tile cracking, warm spots on the floor, a foul musty odor in their home, mold in the kitchen cabinet under the sink or they just received a higher than normal water bill, doesn’t necessarily mean the leak just happened.  A small water leak can go undetected for quite some time before the damage is noticed.

The Leak Doctor strives for quality performance with electronically generated reports, clearly written with all the details, available within 24 hours. Photographs taken before and after for documentation and communication with the adjuster while on the job site about the findings.

Stages of water Leak Repair

Detecting the Leak: The most difficult and most important part of the process is locating the water leak. The Leak Doctor uses the latest technology, sensors, video pipe inspection, listening devices to pinpoint the leak behind walls, underground and concrete slab. These state of the art equipment enables the least amount of building material will be disturbed.

Accessing the Pipes: Many pipes are easily accessible, while others require access under concrete and behind walls. The Leak Doctor always limit the amount of damage done to the property, repairs the leak quickly and leaves the property just like they found it.

Fixing the Leak: Once the leak is found and access gained the Leak Doctor technician, depending on the severity, will determine the appropriate course of action to take, from sealing the leak to replacing the pipe. After the leak is repaired, the technician will restore the property.