Cost effective solution for water and plumbing leaks for insurance adjusters throughout Florida and Georgia. 

All Leak Detection Services are Not Created Equal

Obviously it’s important to choose reputable, reliable, skilled and competent professionals. Knowing how to do that may not be so easy.

A few things to consider when looking for a service:

A good rule of thumb, a leak detection business that has been around for a while will be well established and know what they are doing. They will care about the quality of their performance and reputation. This will also steer you away from the fly-by-night companies that don’t stand behind their work and it will also end up saving you time and money.

If your client has a water leak, the last thing you want is costly digging and guesswork repair. Ensure the company has state of the art equipment such as precision electronic devices, advanced thermal imaging, smoke test, cameras and video inspection equipment. Jackhammers and bull-dozers should always be the last resort!

The expertise of the Leak Doctor saves insurance companies time and money.

The Leak Doctor has over 25 years of experience in tracing the origins of leaks in private homes, hotels, schools, golf courses, apartment buildings, spas and utility providers. Not only have our technicians received the highest available level of training, certifications and hands on experience available, but they also continually demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.

The Leak Doctor strives for quality performance with electronically generated reports, clearly written with all the details, available within 24 hours. Photographs taken before and after for documentation and communication with the adjuster while on the job site about the findings. These reports will assist you in determining loss coverage and help develop accurate cost estimates that will reduce the total claim payout.

As we solve your water issues, we know you will be impressed with the Leak Doctor’s fast response, strong reliability and constant commitment to courtesy. We provide unmatched quality in the most cost effective manner.