Not only are water leaks from plumbing fixtures and pipes wasting water, they are causing thousands of dollars in damages. The Leak Doctor teams up with insurance companies throughout Central Florida and Atlanta to save everyone time and money.

Our team has the latest water and slab leak detection equipment available to accurately locate the source of the water intrusion with minimal destruction or disruption.   

We precisely detect and diagnose the water leak and advise the homeowner of the repair options.

We provide emergency services 24/7, this includes weekends or in the middle of the night, to help reduce any further water loss or damages.

Water leak detection equipment

Most water leaks are not visible, meaning they can go undetected for months or even years without being detected. For example, under floors, behind walls, sinks, bathtubs, or underground. Slow dripping can cause extensive damage before anyone even realizes.

The Leak Doctor has specialized equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the water intrusion without disturbing the property. This modern technology allows our highly trained service technicians to pinpoint the exact location and offer cost effective solutions


The Leak Doctor has one of the most advanced digital ultrasonic inspection system. This device can “listen” at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing. To our instruments, even the tiniest leak makes a traceable noise.


The Leak Doctor utilizes state-of-the-art thermography, which is similar to a color infrared photograph. With it, we can identify tiny temperature differences that can lead us to leaks.

Endoscopic Video 

Our video inspection equipment allows us to see inside your plumbing system to detect unexplained blockages and cracks in plumbing, which are the most common sources of leaks. While other plumbers may resort to tearing out sections of your home’s walls, we can pinpoint these blockages and cracks from the surface to prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

Since 1993, the Leak Doctor has established a gold standard in leak detection and water management for both residential and commercial properties. The Leak Doctor’s skilled technicians can identify the source of a leak, before water damage causes extensive property damage.

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