Slab leaks are a growing problem in Orlando and Atlanta. A type of water, plumbing or sewage leak that occurs under a concrete foundation. If not addressed in a timely manner, the consequences can be very serious, to both the integrity of the house and for the health of the family who make it their home.

Settling is a common problem with slab leaks. The ground under the home becomes compacted as the soil is saturated with water, this can cause the home to sink or settle where the ground is wet. Inside the home, settling can appear as cracks in both the exterior and interior walls, damage to the ceiling and floors, and drawers and doors don’t open and close as they should.

Over time, if the soil under the concrete slab is not properly supported by the ground, the slab itself is at risk of cracking, causing a host of other problems.

Increased moisture in the home is another sign of a slab leak. It can result in an elevation of mold, increase the rate of corrosion in the homes structural supports and metal pipes, and issues with the electric wiring.

A slab leak creates excessive moisture, which in turn causes mold to grow and the potential for many health problems. Not only can mold infect and damage the drywall and wood in your home, mold spores can cause lung infections and trigger allergies when they become airborne.

The Importance of Accurate Detection of a Slab Leak

Thanks to the Leak Doctor’s advanced technology, slab leaks can be detected with minimum disruption and without digging up the concrete slab. Our experienced technicians can locate leaks under concrete slabs, under the bathtub and outside under the big oak tree, by using advanced thermal imaging equipment and other electronic equipment we can help zero in on the source of the water intrusion, even if its three floors away from the water stain.

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