How can the Leak Doctor help insurance companies and adjuster in the Orlando and Atlanta area? Whether it’s behind the refrigerator, between the bathroom wall, in the ceiling under a concrete slab or foundation, the Leak Doctor can find it!

The damage from a water leak or busted pipe happens quickly and the longer you wait to have it repaired the more expensive it becomes. An important question is when did the home or business owner notice the leak and when did they take action.

Todays houses are built with more water pipes than ever, they have more bathrooms and the washing machine is usually on the second floor, making water leaks more prevalent than ever. The Leak Doctor is a leader in the industry, we understand how water leaks operate and the type of damage they can cause. We help insurance companies and adjuster locate the water leak with state of the art equipment and minimum invasiveness.

Locating the water leak and repairing the damage can be a monumental job, the Leak Doctor performs a through inspect of the property and properly documents all aspects of the loss.

  • Communicate findings with adjuster while at jobsite
  • Reporting of critical data in a user friendly format
  • Electronic format for easy storage
  • Photographs of loss for Documentation before and after
  • Clearly written and detailed reports
  • Able to view from PCs, tablets, smart phones
  • Gauge customer satisfaction

The Leak Doctor reports are electronically created and available online for insurance professionals within 24 hours or same day as the service call. These reports will assist you in determining loss coverage and help develop accurate cost estimates that will reduce the total claim payout.

The Leak Doctor Commitment

We are committed to bringing you unequaled service. We bring you the best solutions for leaks and water waste through unparalleled diagnosis.  Our highly trained and certified technicians will begin by assessing the situation by walking through the property. Using state of the art, non-invasive equipment to determine the source of the leak and where the moisture has traveled and properly document the process.

The Leak Doctor has core values you can count on and we are just a phone call away!