Clients call their Orlando/Atlanta insurance adjuster when they realize they have a water leak. They may not know where the leak is located, but a higher than normal water bill is a tell tale sign of a problem. 

Leaving a water leak unchecked, can quickly lead to bigger problems, especially in our heat. 

The Leak Doctor proves advanced technology and skilled technicians to accurately locate any leak and repair them. Insurance professionals have come to rely on the Leak Doctor to locate the most difficult water intrusions. 

Causes of water leaks 

Deteriorating pipe joints 

Pipes are most vulnerable where they join together. Over time, the joints deteriorate, creating pinhole leaks, where water seeps out. 


Corrosion can occur for several reasons, chemicals in the water, pH level, oxygen concentration, temperature, poor installation, exposure to soil, and electrical conductivity. Over time, the metal surface starts to thin internally. Causing deep pits and pinholes, which tend to happen behind the scenes, behind walls, beneath the flooring, under the soil, and in the ceiling. Water starts to slowly leak and end up causing significant damage.

Tree roots

Tree roots are a big problem in Florida and Georgia, the roots grow searching for water where they can find it. Unfortunately, many times it is within pipes, breaking them and eventually blocking them.

High water pressure

If there is a sudden surge of water or the water pressure is too high, the pipes may give way to burst at the joints.

Weather changes

The extreme weather changes this year can wreak havoc on pipes. The cold nights and warm days can cause pipes to expand and create pin hole leaks.

Man made

The damage can also be man-made, when contractors, home owners or water crews dig without knowing where the pipes are located, causing pipes to crack and leak.

Damaged pipes can be difficult to locate because they are buried underground, run under concrete slabs, under floors and behind walls.

That’s why the Leak Doctor uses the latest electronic equipment to locate leaks without digging up your yard, treating down walls or tunneling under the floor.