Many home and business owners ask that all important question, does my insurance policy cover water and plumbing leaks? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t cut and dry. Typically the answer hinges on they type of water leak and the type of insurance policy.

It could be a sudden burst of a pipe, abruptly causing a leak, or a small pinhole leak that can go months and even years without anyone noticing.

Some policies cover pipe failure over a long term, as long as you could not have realized there was a problem before it was discovered. If mold damage resulted from the water leak, it is usually covered under a different policy.

There is no doubt a water leak can cause significant property damage and health issues, which is why professional leak detector is necessary. Detecting hard to find water leaks is what the Leak Doctor does best, which is why we are a leader in the industry.

How the Leak Doctor Save Insurance Companies and Homeowners Money

Instead of needlessly breaking into concrete slabs or walls the Leak Doctor finds the problem with the latest technology with minimum destruction of the property. Saving time and money by using the latest technology in electronic equipment.

The Leak Doctor has worked with insurance companies in the Orlando, Atlanta and Brevard County areas for decades, detecting the most difficult water leaks in concrete slab foundations, under the ground, behind walls, and anywhere else imaginable. We understand the insurance industry and send complete detailed reports including photos and accurate estimates. Our professional technicians inspect the property, detect any water leaks, and itemize the repairs, all in a timely manner.

The Leak Doctor has over 25 years of experience in tracing the origins of leaks in private homes, hotels, schools, golf courses, apartment buildings, spas and utility providers. Not only have our technicians received the highest available level of training, certifications and hands on experience available, but they also continually demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.

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