Insurance companies across Central Florida, Orlando, and Atlanta are taking advantage of the Leak Doctors cost effective solutions for water and plumbing leaks. And their latest technology for repairing cast iron pipes. 

The Leak Doctor is known for accurately locating the source of the leak, repairing the problem and restore your property to they way it was when we arrived.

Why You Should Call The Leak Doctor?

1. If your client suspects a leak under your concrete slab, in the basement, behind walls, under flooring, in the utility lines or water main, in or around the swimming pool and spa or in the yard from landscaping and root intrusions.

          2. Your client finds a mysterious damp spot on the floor, wall or ceiling.

3. If your client notices any cracks in the floors, walls or pool decking.

4. Your client discovered a water puddle and they don’t know where it came from.

5. If anyone is thinking about using a jackhammer and trencher to locate a leak.

6. Your client noticed a jump in your water bill.

7. Your client can hear running water or gurgling sounds when the water is turned off. It’s time to call the Leak Doctor!

There are many reasons why plumbing leaks happen, from old worn out pipes to poor installation, chemicals down the drain and environmental. Whatever the cause, the first thing that must be done it to find the leak! Unfortunately, some resort to destructive measures like tearing down walls and digging up the floor.

By contacting a professional leak detection service you can avoid all the destruction and save a lot of time and money!

Infrared thermography is renowned for being the best non-destructive leak detection methods. A high-tech thermal imaging camera is used to analyze the condition of the pipes and detect leaks. It is important you seek a reputable company because the training and precision of the thermographer is vital for accurate results.

There are many advantages of infrared thermography; it is very affordable, non-evasive and much quicker than traditional methods. Pinpointing the problems and avoids tearing up your home or business.

Contact the Leak Doctor today!